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Winning in real estate is all about finding motivated sellers and inspiring them to hire you. 

In 2021, the big opportunity will be homeowners coming out of forbearance. 

But RIGHT NOW, here are the TOP 5 OPPORTUNITIES (motivated sellers)  for realtors:

5. Non-owner occupied homes. Ask your title rep for software (e.g.,  to help you get information on the following:: 

  • Vacation Homes. 2nd & 3rd homes.
  • Vacation Rentals (AirBnB’s)
  • Investors who own rental property. They bought low, will now sell high.
  • Vacant properties. 

4. Personal Circle. These are people you already know, like, and trust you. Ask them who they know is looking to buy or sell real estate.

3. Motivated FSBOs. They need the best agent that can get them the best result because they realize how hard it is now to deal with buyers.

2. Motivated Expired Listings

1. Downsizers (including Luxury homes)

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