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How do you beat procrastination, stay focused, and get more done?

Here are 3 ways that other people can help you become more productive:

  1. Get an accountability partner. This is the lowest level of accountability though, because having somebody else hold you accountable can work only in the short term. This kind of accountability slows down change for you because it’s an external force that pushes you to action. It means you’re not ready to take responsibility for your own business and success. Having a coach hold you accountable will only work for a short period of time…until YOU create your own habits of productivity. 
  2. Change the level of your association. Hang out with top producers and learn from them. Position yourself to develop a relationship with them. When you commit to earning the right to be their friend, this forces you to perform at a higher level.
  3. Have a big dream. Want something so bad that it fuels you to do whatever it takes to have it. This burning desire is the most powerful thing that will give you the internal accountability to keep you focused and productive.

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