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With the threat of Zillow dominating real estate... how do you beat Zillow?

Here are 3 key strategies to winning vs. Zillow:

1. Relationships. Give your clients the kind of Personalized Service that they will never get from a big corporation like Zillow. If you keep building Top-Of-Mind Awareness (TOMA), trust, and loyalty with your Personal Circle, they will choose you over Zillow.

2. Fiduciary: You represent the seller’s best interest, while Zillow represents Zillow and will use Bait & Switch tactics to get the seller.

3. Guarantee of Expertise: With your 10-day selling system, you can sell their house for above market value vs. Zillow’s fair-market offer. At the same time that you launch your 10-day selling system, have the seller get Zillow’s best offer. If Zillow can beat your best offer, the seller can accept it and they owe you nothing.

Four out of 5 times, you win and the client wins every time. And every time you beat Zillow, you can leverage that in your marketing to get future clients.

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