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The trust level in our world is probably as low as it has ever been.  When you are prospecting, or doing lead follow up, or a listing presentation, most sellers (and buyers) are automatically listening to you with skepticism and often outright distrust.  People are sick and tired of B.S.  When they feel like they are being manipulated or conned, they will resist almost to the death.  How does an agent convert those opportunities to appointments and listings and sales without B.S.?

I believe it is time as an industry that we together commit to eliminate the B.S. from our scripts and our presentations.  You can get "Yes" with the B.S.  My challenge to the entire real estate industry...from real estate agents to brokers to company owners, to real estate trainers, coaches, and speakers...if you know in your gut that what you are about to say or teach is not authentic, straightforward, and true, DON'T say it....and don't teach it.

When you approach people with authenticity and true integrity, people will respect you, trust you, hire you, love you, and refer you over and over.  Here are three keys to getting "Yes" without the B.S.

#1 The "Connective Tissue" between you and a prospect or client is that you genuinely care about serving them and doing what is in their best interest.

#2 Focus on Delivering Results for your clients.  It is extremely powerful and compelling when your primary motivation for your business is not "getting the listing," but rather is to deliver great results for your clients.

#3 Shoot straight with people.  When prospect have objections or ask questions, it is possible to handle their objections honestly and in a straightforward manner in a way that will inspire them to hire you.  I wrote "The Book of YES" to give real estate agents a powerful conversation guide and the resources and skill to be able to answer with integrity and  effectiveness the tough questions and objections they hear. 

You can get "yes" without the B.S. and people will love you for it.

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