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How far are you willing to go to get a 15k or 50k commission check from an Expired?

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Send them a $400 iPad. Set it in a mode where it automatically plays a video message from you when they turn it on.

For a potential 50k commission check with a million-dollar Expired, you could invest 8k in 20 iPads at $400 each. If you get even just 1 Expired to list with you, you’ll have already made a profit.

Or, you can send them a bottle of wine with an attached personal message.

Doing something special for them gains you credibility & gets you noticed because it’s not what agents typically do.

It also triggers the Law of Reciprocity and makes them feel that they (at the very least) owe you their attention.

More than anything, this tells them that if you’re willing to go to that extent to get their attention, then you’re going to do whatever it takes to get their house sold for top dollar.

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