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TRUTH: 80% of new agents are going to be out of the business within 24 months. How do you become the agent who succeeds rather than the agent who struggles to survive?

Change the story that you hold in your mind about success, your self-worth, and your ability to achieve. There are Four Transformers in Life that can help you transform the way you think so that you can transform the way you behave and the results that you get.

The 4 Transformers:

Declarations. Declare your goal with intention, intensity, and enthusiasm (use the first person, present tense, and modifiers). “I easily and abundantly close 5 or more deals a month.”

Visualization. Imagine yourself having already achieved what you want.

Association. Be around people who already have the kind of success & lifestyle that you want.

Action. The moment you take action, everything starts to change.

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