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Which is the better investment, real estate or cryptocurrency? 

Here are some reasons why real estate reigns over crypto:

Stability. Real estate has a history that cryptocurrency does not have. In terms of investment, cryptocurrency is still brand new and very volatile.

Leverage. You’re able to leverage other people’s money through bank financing on an investment property.

Tax Advantages. Most of the income you create off of cash flow from real estate can be tax-free because the IRS tax code was written to benefit businesses and owners of real estate.

Control Over Your Investment. When you invest in a piece of property, you choose what to do with it and how you can earn income from it. Although the market can impact the value of your investment, you’re not completely at its mercy.

Results are Duplicatable. With proven strategies and systems, you can duplicate your success from one market to another.

Ability to Create Income. You can start from scratch. Unlike with crypto, you don’t have to go in with money in order to make money

The one advantage that crypto has over real estate is liquidity. You can sell whenever you want.

But the great deception about crypto is that it is the new way to get rich. Sure, you can explode your income fast but you’ll have to spend the rest of your life figuring out how to get the same results again.

Truth is…your ability to create wealth is not dependent on the latest technology or the hottest asset. It’s all you.

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