Kevin Ward's YES Talk | Real Estate Coaching and Success Training for Agents

More real estate agents today are making less money than ever before…because high producers are winning the game.

What are the factors that are hurting low producers?

  1. Sellers can get free and/or discount resources online. 
  2. Buyers can get all the information they need online, for free.
  3. Clients demand more. They expect better quality service and are more skeptical about agents.

Here’s why you want to be a heavy hitter:

  1. Clients are willing to pay heavy hitters full commission to get the BEST service & experience.
  2. The best way to stop struggling is to commit to go pro and play at the highest level.
  3. Success breeds success. Happy clients will bring you more future business.

The heavy hitter who cares about his or her clients and is committed to being the BEST at what they do is the one who wins.  If you want to succeed as a real estate agent…Go big or go home!