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Here are 10 reasons that most agents don't make $100,000 a year (and beyond):

1. Lack of commitment. Not going all-in limits your ability to produce more because it takes time and 100% COMMITMENT to master the skill of representing your clients well. 

2. Fear. Agents’ common fears (rejection, annoying people, and failure) show up as procrastination and creative avoidance. Those things are bound to happen, but don’t let fear stop you.

3. Self-doubt. When you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect clients to believe that you can do a good job? Get over your self-doubt so you can overcome other people’s doubts about you.

4. Bad advice. Take advice only from the people who already have the results that you want.

5. The D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself) Approach. Some agents think they can do things on their own, without help from a coach. This eventually costs them time and money.

6. Lack of systems. Without a proven business model, agents end up in a feast or famine cycle. Going from one deal to the next wears them out.

7. Scarcity mindset. The belief that having a lot of money is bad stops agents from wanting to produce more.

8. Business by reaction. Instead of focusing on activities that make you money, you’re constantly responding to everyone asking for your time and attention.

9. Burnout. Most agents get results by hustling, but over time, they get tired & lose heart. Have a big dream that pulls you, so you don’t burn out.

10. B.S. When you don’t follow through on your commitments, you’re full of B.S. Keep the integrity of your word…not only to other people but also to yourself.

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