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How do you survive in the changing market…and what is coming? 

  1. Don’t BS yourself or other people. Don’t lie to yourself that things are going to be alright. With interest rate hikes & the worst inflation in history, people are worried about their financial state.

But whether the housing market actually shifts or not, it’s better to be prepared.

2. Stop thinking about survival, because this subconsciously puts you into ‘retreat mode’. You just want to hide until the storm passes. And when you’re panicking, you stop putting yourself out there to get listings and sales.

3. Go all in to win. Play to win (not just to survive), because there are going to be tremendous opportunities for the agents that are adapting, adjusting, and preparing. Commit all in to win because the shifts are going to require you to be in the game.

4.Find the opportunities.  Going into survival mode puts you in a mindset of scarcity, whereas looking from an opportunity mode puts you in a mindset of abundance. Opportunities in your market will open up when you start looking for them.

The 5 Mantras of Success

  1. Dream bigger.
  2. Move faster.
  3. Push harder.
  4. Get tougher.
  5. Do more.

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