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3 Best Opportunities In the Changing Market

  1. Relationships. (a.k.a. your sphere of influence) Build a personal circle of relationships with people who trust you. This involves training them to keep you top-of-mind, so when they know of anybody looking to buy or sell real estate, they will refer you. This is your WOMMT (Word Of Mouth Marketing Team)
  2. Distressed Sellers. (e.g. They can't make the mortgage payment & have a notice of default filed on their house, or an Expired). They’re motivated to sell & need your help but might resist at first. The key here is to master how to break through their resistance. This is what I train on in my FREE live masterclass. Get details HERE
  3. Downsizers. These are baby boomers looking to move into a smaller sized home. With the shifts in the market, this is the time that they’re considering selling because the value of their house has gone up and they have equity. And because they’re used to being homeowners, you as the agent can double-dip and be their buyer’s agent. 

Shift your mindset, from focusing on just getting the money to becoming the master problem solver for your clients.

Because people will resist you when they feel that you’re just in it for the money. But when they know that you genuinely care about them and that you are there to help guide them through whatever transition they’re going through…they will trust and depend on you.

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