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YESTalk-26 - The Truth About How To Convert Internet Leads

What is the best way to convert internet leads in to actual listings and sales…into real sellers and buyers?  Internet Lead Generation is one of the hottest topics in the real estate industry today and there yet with all the buzz, the average agent is not having a lot of success in converting those “leads” into closings.  How should Realtors approach internet leads to effectively convert them?

Here are the 5 steps to more effectively converting internet leads into real clients:


            Understand that most of the time, Internet leads are not LEADS, they are prospects.  This means most of them are not going to regularly convert into immediate business.  This important to give you an accurate perspective of your business pipelines.


            They are not truly a lead until you have a conversation with them.  The goal is to take the conversation offline as quickly as possible.  Until you do, there is a high probability they will end up with another agent.  Email conversations are very unpredictable in terms of converting prospects into actual transaction.


            You have 2 minutes after you get their information call them and connect with them.  That is the magic window that gives you the best chance to turn a prospect into a client.  Speed to conversation is critical.


            The average incubation period on an internet lead is 6 to 24 months.  The internet is where people start their search, but most of them are not going to be ready to actually sell or buy for months.  If you are only trying to pump out a deal today, you will not be effective with this group.


            You must have a simple, effective system to nurture these prospects.  My PC (Personal Circle™) System gives you a very simple model to follow. First, email them 2 times a month, once with a market update and once a month with your “Featured Listings of the Month.”  Second, call them once a month just to touch base and stay in touch with them until they’re ready to move.


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