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YESTalk-34 - The Best and Worst Objection Handlers for Realtors

You already know that your ability to handle objections has a lot to do with how many listings you take.  If objections make you feel nervous, insecure, challenged, frustrated, or combative

The best objection handling reduces resistance from the sellers, and causes them to want to work with you.  Here are the principles of powerful objection-handlers.

WORST: Anything that causes resistance.

The worst objection handlers cause immediate resistance from the seller.

“No” is the single worst resistance trigger in English.  No one likes to be told “no.”

 “I can’t” is a close second.  They want an agent who has power…who CAN…not one who can’t.

Many objection handlers are basically designed to silence the seller in a way that makes the seller feel totally shut down, but no one likes to feel like they just lost an argument. 

BEST: An answer that is straightforward, honest, and redirects the focus to what the sellers want.

The best objection handler is one that answers the intent of the question and then re-directs the sellers’ attention toward what they really want.

Here is  an example of an objection handler that answers the tough, “Will you cut your commission?” Objection in a way that is straightforward and honest, and that turns the conversation back to what the seller really wants (or in this case…away from what they don’t want):  “I don’t discount commission…because I don’t deliver discount results.  I assume you’re not looking for discount results, correct?”

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