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A real estate agent recently commented on one of my YouTube videos, "I am now cold calling five hours a day and not getting any leads. :(  What am I doing wrong?"

There are so many variables it's impossible to really answer the question conclusively without a lot more information.

Here are some of the main reasons why "cold calling" does not work for most Realtors:

  1. "Cold calling" is one of the least effective, most painful method of lead generation now compared to in the past, primarily because of lower trust & fewer people answering a home phone.
  2. How you sound. If you sound unconfident or nervous...or over excited people are immediately turned off. The sweet spot is sounding truly interested and friendly, in others words, natural and authentic.
  3. What you are saying. If you are calling to get a listing, they see the call as self-serving. If you are using BS, you are going to get resistance.  Get "yes" without the BS.
  4. It's also unlikely they're ready to buy or sell now. If they are, it is even less likely they will tell you. Most people don't enjoy being solicited, and they're not as patient and kind as they used to be.

For me there are BETTER APPROACHES than cold-calling such as:

  1. Face to face
  2. FSBOs, Expired Listings, Distressed sellers, Probate, etcetera.
  3. Your own Personal Circle. This one is the best, once you've built enough relationships

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