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YESTalk-6- The Best Doorknocking Approach for Realtors

The most effective door knocking strategy is talking to "turbo leads"...i.e. For Sale By Owners, expired listings, Notice of defaults, etc, because they have already exhibited a need or a desire to sell their property.

The second best approach in terms of getting results is inviting neighbors to a "Neighbors-Only Pre-Open House Preview." People love being invited to something, so this approach comes across as an invitation, not a solicitation. You are there, not on your own behalf, but on behalf of their neighbors, who are selling their property. Their resistance to someone knocking on their door is much lower when they don't feel like you are simply there for a self-serving motive. Watch this video for the Open House Invite script:

The third approach is the Hot Market Just Sold approach. Watch this video the Hot Market Script:

The traditional Just Sold approach can easily come across as bragging which is totally a put-off. The "Hot Market" approach adds value to the home owner because it is giving them information of value about the real estate market and how it affects the value of their home. And all of these approaches still give you the perfect opportunity to ask if they are planning to sell any time in the near future. However, you are much more likely to get a favorable answer when their resistance is low, than when it is high.

And then, always think in terms of their interest...not yours. If they are immediate business...HURRAY!!! If not, then consider them future business by getting their information and staying in touch.

Remember....Two goals for door knocking:

#1 To find people who want to buy or sell right now and set appointment with them.
#2 To connect with people and get their contact information so you can build a relationship and position yourself as their "Go-to Agent" when they or someone they know needs to sell or buy real estate. When you do that enough, you will eventually have a personal circle large enough that you can get all the business you want from people you know, so you can reduce or eliminate door knocking as a method of getting business. It's always easier to get business from people you know, than people you don't.

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