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Video is not just the future of real estate marketing. It is here NOW. The trends indicate that within the next 3 years, watching video will be over 85% of the average person’s time spent on the internet.

That means video is a an asset you cannot afford to ignore, not just as a marketing tool, but also as a communication tool.

Here are the two most common excuses I hear from realtors for why they don’t use video (and the answer):
#1) “I’m not tech savvy.”
The good thing is that with your smartphone and watching a few YouTube videos, anyone can learn to create great quality videos quickly and easily. You just have to get started.
#2) “I don’t like the way I look on video.”
This is a simple variation of “I don’t feel comfortable on video.” The reality is you look and sound exactly the same on video as you do in real life. So for everyone else (except you), they already know what you look and sound like, and they have accepted you anyway.
The solution is simply to get over the discomfort by starting. The sooner the better.


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