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YESTalk-8- Real Estate Scripts that Get Yes- The Power of NLP Frames

Have you ever heard someone one say (or thought to yourself), real estate scripts all sound pretty much the same?”  It’s true.  And it’s also true that most cars really look pretty much the same too!  Right?

It’s the differences that matter.  It’s the differences that make one new car worth $30,000 and another new car the exact same size worth $300,000.  (Almost sounds like the difference in some real agents’ incomes.  Both may work hard, but somehow one gets dramatically different results.


Obviously the primary goal of using scripts is to get, “Yes.”  It’s to inspire (or convince) a prospect to say “yes”…to set an appointment with you, or to list their house with you, or to sign a contract to buy or sell a piece of real estate.  Scrips are simply strategic conversation maps designed to lead to the “yes.”

So…if you want to become more effective at getting appointments, and listings and sales, become better at know what to say and how to say it to inspire more “yes’s.”  That’s where the power of verbal frames can help…if you understand how to use them.  Frames is a term often used in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program), that basically refers to how words and language “frames” a thought, feeling, or any communication.

In the video blog, I explain in detail the right way and the wrong way to use frames and give more examples.  Here is a basic overview:

WRONG: Using negative frames.

Never create a negative frame in your conversation.  A negative frame is basically assuming or speaking an outcome that you don’t want.  It is casting your question or statement as if you are expecting or preparing for a negative response (in other words, a response that you don’t want).

Here are some examples of some common negative frames in real estate conversations or scripts:

“You’re probably not looking to move right now….but when do you think…”

“I’m sure you’re already getting swarmed by agents calling you…so I just wanted…”

I know you’re sick and tired of hearing from agents…so I’ll make this brief…”

“Would you be terribly offended…if I asked for your phone number?”

“I know you’re not going to like hearing this…but…”

“Sorry to bug you….”

Here is the universal law that is at work here:  You tend to get what you expect.  And it’s true in business and in life and in relationships and in everything…you tend to get what you expect.  So why would you speak as if you are expecting an undesired outcome?


1. Repeat and affirm their statement.

Now, If they say a negative statement first…then it’s perfectly appropriate to acknowledge their statement by repeating and affirming their thoughts or feelings.  When you reflect back their statement and acknowledge it, you are bringing yourself in alignment with them.  In other words, you are getting on their side!  And that is very powerful.  They created the negative frame, you you are simply connecting with them through their statement.

2. Reframe to a desired outcome.

Now that you’ve connected with them, you can now begin to influence or lead them by reframing the conversation to a desired outcome.  In other words by bringing up an outcome that they do want and that you can help them achieve.

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