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YESTalk-9- The Right Kind of Aggressive Agent

Occasionally agents ask me if it’s good or bad to be an aggressive agent.  Some trainers teach you to be a aggressive…to be a bulldog.  Others say you should be more sensitive and avoid coming across as aggressive.  Which is it?  Well…the reality is, it’s BOTH.  Be the right kind of aggressive and at the right time.

There is a significant difference between being assertive and abrasive…between knowing how to be powerful and being downright pushy.  One is compelling.  The other is repelling.

Watch the entire video as Kevin explains these keys to bringing the right dose of aggressiveness and sensitivity:

1. Be straightforward.  (no BS)
2. Be confident…not arrogant.
3. Use Finesse….  Analogy of a bull in a china closet.  Push till you get resistance and then back off a little.  But don’t quit.
1. Learn when to be strong.
2. Improve your communication skills.  (Resistance triggers and influence triggers)
3. Learning to have multiple tools in your communications arsenal. Some agents have only one tool….a sledge hammer. Others the only tool they have is a play school plastic hammer (or a limp noodle).
4. Get on the seller's side.  Speak in terms of their interests, not your own.
5. Follow their motivation.  People love to be led toward something they want.  They don't like to be pushed to do something they're not sure they want to do.  Once you find their real motivation, learn to skillfully lead them to make good decisions that serve their best interest and your appropriate aggressiveness will pay off huge.

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