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No.  I’m not saying don’t talk to strangers.

Here is why “Cold-Calling” is not a prospecting approach I recommend:

    1. The MINDSET of “cold” implies an expectation of pain…
    2. You should always be warm towards people and expect their reception of you to be a warm reception. That immediately changes the activity into “warm-calling,” and that makes a huge difference.
    1. Random (“cold”) calling is one of the least effective prospecting methods on the planet.
    2. FSBOs & Expireds…that is NOT cold-calling, Because they have declared, “We want to sell!” So they are actually HOT CALLING.
    3. Next is your Personal Circle…not only do they trust you…but they want to help you.
  3. Not a question of what works…but a question of the most bang for the buck…and doing what will always let you be able to expect YES.

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