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Horror Stories Podcast

Short Stories of the Horror and related genres, featuring stories by

Edgar Allan Poe ,H.P. Lovecraft and others. Listen to tales of the macabre,

mysterious, gruesome. Experience discomposure and dread. Themes of murder and wretchedness ,paranormal , and Science Fiction. Authors H.G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and more.

Jul 29, 2015

In this story  a doctor is able to predict the exact day of a persons death. What would you do if you knew when you were going to die ? Introduction Abby Elvidge Read by Robert Crandall 

Jul 21, 2015

In this story the main character is a student who rents an old house once owned by a Judge. The house is quiet and secluded, just what he needs to concentrate on his studies. However our student is in for a surprise, one very deleterious to his well being. I hope you enjoy The Judges House by Bram Stoker. Introduction...

Jul 12, 2015

 In this story our main character dies after a bizarre experiment,but he doesn't think he's dead even as he watches the funeral. I hope you enjoy "When I Was Dead" By Vincent O'Sullivan  Aprox 15 Minutes.    

Jul 5, 2015

This episode features two stories. The first story is the Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. A chilling story of murder. The murderer is haunted by the beating of the dead mans heart. The second story titled "The Noise" by Timothy Mowers is a frightening story of dying.  Introduction by Gregory Bartley read by Robert...