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The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas

Welcome to the Untrapped Podcast with Keith Kalfas

Feb 19, 2024

Today, Keith is joined by special guests, Joshua Tree Experts, who share their insights and success in franchising their tree business. From discussing the challenges and trust required in tree work to delving into creating a franchise system, this episode provides a captivating look into the world of scaling a business in the green industry.

Listeners can expect to gain valuable knowledge about franchising, budgeting, hiring, and managing a business, along with actionable tips and resources to support their entrepreneurial journey. With engaging discussions and practical insights, this episode promises to be an enlightening and inspiring listen for anyone looking to grow and scale their business.


Topics Covered

00:00 Franchising necessitates careful relationship-building and substantial administrative preparation, such as state registration and the development of comprehensive operational and disclosure documents.

06:19 Free education and franchise opportunities in tree care.

09:10 The company successfully implemented the Gino, Wickman, and EOS model.

13:09 Developing diverse skills for strategic business expansion.

14:43 The corporate office offers comprehensive recruitment support.

18:09 Establishing goals, enforcing accountability, fostering team collaboration.

20:49 Franchise support and success processes for franchisees.


Key Takeaways: 

1. Building a Franchise for Your Business:

Learn how Joshua Tree Experts leveraged their expertise in the tree care industry to create a replicable and scalable business model, similar to the franchise systems seen in fast-food chains. Their approach has led them to sell 5 franchises in just over a year, with expansion plans across different cities.

2. Transforming Your Business through Clear Systems and Support:

Discover how the Joshua Tree Experts team emphasizes providing a clear system and unwavering support for their franchisees. They have streamlined processes for onboarding, tool and equipment procurement, and even offer a comprehensive recruitment process to ensure their franchisees have the necessary backing to succeed.

3. Nurturing a Collaborative and Forward-Thinking Culture:

Joshua and Dylan reveal the importance of fostering a collaborative environment and a forward-thinking mindset within the franchise. They actively seek out entrepreneurial individuals who are not just looking to do the technical work but are keen on investing in and scaling a proven system.



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