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Another year wrapped!

Dec 10, 2018

As I put out this final episode of 2018, I am feeling a whole lot of gratitude for the homeopathic community.

It's been a busy year, and sometimes it was late, late, late on a Sunday night that I pushed the 'publish' button. I'm not one for adhering to schedules, and sometimes I pushed the weekend back one week, but for the most part, they got out more or less when I said they would. 

And so your emails and messages make a huge difference to me. This show has transitioned from something I was doing for me, to now something that I do for US. More and more, I'm wondering about YOU.

What do YOU think about this episode?

I wonder if you'll like an interview with that person?

Should i do more solo shows?

Dig into the history bins more?

What about materia medica? 

As I look ahead to 2019, my hope is that the community that is beginning to congregate grows stronger. I want to deliver content that you can't wait to listen to. Content that enriches you as a homeopath, and as a person. 

I'm thrilled that libsyn (my hosting platform) has introduced these upgraded website platforms. There's a built in contact form, and I can write these blogs! I've been wanting to blog alongside the show for awhile, but creating a new website felt daunting. This will do until by some stroke of magic, I find a month with nothing to do but build a new website. Ha! 

Anyway, I hope these tools will facilitate better communication. 

Take care, everyone. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for listening and have a wonderful New Year!