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Oct 22, 2018

Hello Friends…

I’m so happy that you’ve joined me!  We’re going to dive into discovery together with my awesome, fun guests today- Denise Straiges and Alastair Gray


I often start the top of the show with a quote that I particularly like from the interview- and it typically isn’t me -BUT-  in this case, it seemed really apropos because some really cool connections followed my interview with Denise and Alastair that kind of illustrated what I was sharing in the quote about how I build my content organically.


Regular listeners may have listed to my interview in August with Karen Allen, episode 37,- which was so fabulous and please take a listen if you haven’t yet- and in the interview Karen spoke about her Start up to Stellar class for homeopaths to create an outrageously successful practice.


She was gracious and generous and offered my listeners 25% off the class enrollment fee- such a beautiful gift which I did take advantage of, as I have been wanting to take that class for years.


So- I signed up for this cohort which just started this past weekend


(totally mind blowing first session- if you didn’t hop in this time, I’m sorry for you- honestly!- but join her mailing list for when the class opens again because its amazing and i’m only 2 hours in).


and I had recorded the interview with Denise and Alastair this past week. And as it goes- Karen referenced some of Alastair’s work he did on his Masters’ degree about what makes homeopaths successful, and in the class, with me,  are some of his students *and* 1M podcast listeners-


it was such a neat cross section of the homeopathy community, and I know we’re a small one, all things considered, and so it's not a HUGE coincidence, but I thought it was cool and wanted to share how these threads braided together over these 2 episodes for me.


I also wanted give share a little of that behind the scenes chat and how I do this, which, now you know, is very haphazard in an inspired kind of way :)


So- YES! Denise and Alastair. Listen- do yourselves a favor and follow their Facebook page if you are not already- at the Academy of Homeopathic Education, NY- World. They post all manner of fun and inspiring and educational bits. They are truly a dynamic duo- a very complimentary pair- you’ll hear in our interview how in sync they are with each other, and that harmonizing they do together obviously potentizes their work because WOW, so much is happening with them, for homeopathy, and for the benefit of the world, really, because of their heart and passion and smarts and experience.

You can learn more about them individually at their Whole Health Now bios:

Denise's practice site

Alastair's practice site

 I love what they’re doing, and you’ll hear a bit in the interview that I’m pretty gung-ho to discuss educational philosophy- as I have many times here on the podcast- because it is also where my heart is, next to actually practicing.

 Alastair shared his thoughts about the technology of education now, and it's so relevant.

I’ve mentioned before, I think, on the show that my husband is a consultant. And he was at a meeting this last week at a University. We talk a lot about our work and he was telling me that the University is being challenged because a majority of their students fill out their application forms -to college- on their mobile devices. And, they are writing papers on mobile devices! And here, so many institutions have invested millions of dollars in their platforms and what have you, but they have to be optimized for mobile- at least, that was my take-away. How do they make this shift from having put so much energy and resources into the desktop and online experience, into mobile? I think its more complex than that, but that was one point.


Now- some people may think this is weird, or not understand this. Why would people be using phones, if they can use a computer? And I started thinking- you know, I am of the generation that got the first computers as kids. We grew up with the Apple2cs (bear with me- i’m going somewhere with this, its relevant I promise!) and Commodore 64s. Smart phones didn’t come around until I already had kids.


But MY kids, have had smart phones in their lives for as long as they can remember. As far as they are concerned, a computer is a tablet, is a phone. They don’t have this investment in a computer base. Why would you be tethered to a machine plugged into a wall, if you can do the same thing with something in your pocket the size of a wallet?

THIS is our world. THESE are our future homeopaths.

Not to mention the fact that in low income families, if there is access to the internet at all, its likely though a mobile device. Computers are still expensive. Mobile devices are not.


Think about the effort of Jeremy Sherr in Tanzania and HWB in Haiti- places where we often hear that people don’t have access to adequate food often, or medicine, but there are mobile phones. Just think about that. What that means for education, and access. YES, people need food and water- no question. But if we as homeopaths understand how these devices and technology can assist us in providing homeopathic education and tools and services-I know the Tanzania project uses Firefly, a mobile repertory app that I also recently downloaded and am trying to find my way around— it’s essential that some of us are working the field in this way.


I believe that homeopathy is the medicine of the past present and future, and the present and future are indisputably, integrated with technology.


Listen, sometimes a scoffing of technology, or a wistfulness of the good old days of pre-smart phone and computers is heavy in the mix with alternative and natural trends, and I understand the concerns there, but if we can leverage technology to bring homeopathy through the 21st and into the  22nd century stronger than ever before, I bet that all of you listening, are behind that.


So- that is just ONE REASON why I am so excited to bring you this conversation with Alastair and Denise because they are on the leading edge of this *and* holding onto the heart of homeopathy and our history while they do it.

And finally- I have a queue of awesome shows coming up. In fact, I might end up putting out some extra mid-month shows because I don’t want to hold on to them for too long