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Jan 10, 2016

From a practicing homeopath in midcoast, Maine comes 1M: A Homeopath's Podcast. It's a monthly show created by a homeopath, for homeopaths. Each episode will have a theme that ties together a bit of the past, present and future of homeopathy. How? By bringing out some of our archival writings, interviews will practicing homeopaths from all around the world, and then a bit of playtime with a remedy that just seems to fit the rest. 

Back to who created this podcast... I'm a homeopath. Not a sound engineer, or even someone who EVER messed around with Garageband or recording before now. When I wanted to record this introduction for about the, oh, 50th time, I decided it was time to just publish it! So keep coming back- my skills will get better, the podcast will mature, and hopefully you'll find a bit of yourself- and your inspiration as a homeopath- with 1M.