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The Capital Radio 604 Podcast

Dec 22, 2017


The show features 33 of the best South African tunes in the period 1979 through 1990 presented mainly by Capital 604 presenters and the artists themselves mixed with jingles, ads, news ,interviews and a mini documentary on the Operation Hunger 702 Concert in the Park with commentary and live clips ending with a rare live rendition of the 702 Eighties Anthem and a promo for that station done by none other than Capital’s Alan Pearce.


Voices -                John Moody, Steve Crozier, Michael Letelier, Kevin Savage, Jim Ellery, Alan Mann, Alan King, Tony Newman, Chris Prior, Treasure Tshabalala, Mark Greenstein, John Berks, Tony Blewitt, Ian Warren, Phil Wright, Sasha Montinengo, Udo Carelse, P.J.Powers, Barry Ronge, Steve Kekana, Alex Jay, Claire Johnston, Cedric Samson, Azania, Alan Pearce, Jarod Aston and Dave Guzelli.                                 


Songs     -                 “Africa”-Johnny Clegg and Juluka ; “Party”- Harari; “When you gonna love me”- City                         Limits; “Raising my family” – Steve Kekana; “Man on the Moon” – Ballyhoo;                                       “Portable Radio”- Clout; “Help” – PJ Powers and Hotline; “Shouldn’t fall in love” –                          City Limits; “Weekend Special” – Brenda Fassie; “Rastas never die” – Lucky Dube;                             “Shadows” – E-void; “Mysteries and Jealousies”- The Helicopters; “See Yourself” -                               Elamental; “Johnny calls the Chemist” – Falling Mirror; “Damsel” – Tribe after Tribe;                        “All of a woman” - Robin Auld and Zed Astaire; “This Boy” - Wendy Oldfield and                          Sweatband; “Taking a fall”- Petit Cheval; “Live On” – Pierre De Chamoy;                                                 “Scatterrings of Africa” – Johnny Clegg and Juluka; “The two of us” – Sipho Hotstix                                Mabuso and Harari; “Night of the long knives” – Face to Face; “Living without                                                      conversations” – Lesley Rae Dowling; “Weeping”- Brite Blue; “Dance sum more” –                            Mango Groove; “No woman no cry”- Elamental; “Higher and Higher” – PJ Powers                          and Hotline; “Holding On” – Count Ash; “My kind of girl ” – Cinema ; “Dear Abbey”                         - Little Sister; “Going Home” – The Diamond Dogs; "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika";                                      “Memories” – Andre De Villiers

Mini Interviews                                    –                with Mark Greenstein (Craig Johnston), John Berks (Niki Seberini)                                                                  and Alex Jay (Aki Anastasiou and Anele Mdoda).

Mini Documentary       -                   The 1985 Operation Hunger 702 Concert in the Park. Attended by over 100 000 people of all races , a record for its time, the concert raised huge amounts for food relief for the poor and was arguably the biggest showcase of South African Acts at the time.

News                                         _                Four bulletins from the Laingsburg Floods in 1981 through to the                                                                   State of Emergency to the last all minorities election in 1989.