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The Capital Radio 604 Podcast

Mar 20, 2013

The Power Station - Darren Scott

September 4th 1989 - 5pm to 6:30pm


James Lorimer - marker - 00:00:41, 00:31:11, 00:59:44

Carmel Rickard reports - marker - 01:00:42

Steve Bishop - marker - 01:25:48

Richard Jones - marker - 00:41:55


Remote reporters:

Nick Peters reports

Simon Israel reports


Jean Hollic - won R100


Warehouse winners contest

Aldra missed out

Yolanda from Red Hill in Durban played

Rennie from Tongaat played


Birthday Bonus

Called for Greg Short who wasn't home, spoke to his wife Donna Short


Indigo Girls Album competition

Called Michael DiMagio from the Berea Durban


Notable Hitline caller

Deborah from Pietermaritzburg voted for Passion and dedicated it to Ronnie and said that she loves him very much