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Welcome to The Story Shift Podcast - your ultimate audio destination for personal growth. Kirsten, an impact driven serial entrepreneur and trailblazer goes beyond the norm, exploring formula for success and fulfillment, while sharing the stories that aren't often told. Immerse yourself in transformative conversations and compelling stories that inspire the journey to success. Listen to each guest share their "SHIFT" that has led to monumental wins and successes. Each episode is filled with insightful interviews from successful figures across different industries. They share their personal stories, the highs and the lows, and the pivotal moments that propelled them towards their goals. The podcast will not only help you reach your dreams; it will help you redefine them. Tune in and get ready to transform your own life from the inside out by shifting YOUR story.
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Dec 23, 2019

Happy Marvelous Monday!

It's not very often that we get a grandma on the podcast, but today we have Marriann Hough, mother of nine and grandmother of 20! She's lived a little longer than some of us, and has some good tips for new moms and beyond.

I LOVE all the topics we discussed, including:

  • Finding something your kids love to do while they're fairly young
  • Making them stick with one thing for a year
  • Living without fear
  • Spirit animals!
  • Gratitude
  • Service
  • and much, much more. It's a nice long one for you!

Don't forget to follow Marriann:

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Dec 20, 2019

It's the weekend! I think Friday is a great day for a chat with an old friend. I've been friends with Teria Brooks for over a decade! I think she's absolutely amazing and I'm super excited to share her awesomeness with you.

In today's episode, we talk about:

  • Abundance in the business world
  • Making money doing what you're already good at
  • Walking through darkness to get to the light
  • a whole bunch of other things!

Oh my gosh it's almost Christmas!!!

Don't forget to check out all the things:

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Dec 16, 2019

Hey Marvelous Moms!

Today we have another awesome homeschooling mom on the podcast. Kristen Mittler is one of the most relatable people I know, and I know you will love listening to her. Whether homeschooling is your thing or not, this is a great episode!

Dec 9, 2019

Happy Monday, Marvelous Moms! How's everyone doing with all the holiday planning? I swear no matter how much I think I'm prepared for this time of year, it's always WAY crazier than I remember!

Today's episode is with the lovely Nikki Elledge Brown, who describes herself as "a self-proclaimed word nerd, military spouse, former park ranger, college professor, and mom of two, known online for her quirky-yet-super-practical teaching style and refreshingly honest reflections on the realities of parenthood + entrepreneurship."

Interested? Thought so. Listen to our chat because Nikki has tons of golden nuggets to share, like:

  • What makes you special
  • Being present
  • Making your future self grateful for your current self
  • and of course... how to find your space in the world!

You'll love this one, promise.

More from this episode:

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Naptime Empires Podcast

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Dec 2, 2019

Today's episode is one that was originally going to air on the podcast "Full Time Family"- a whim I had months ago. I decided to instead present it as a series here within Marvelous Moms to keep all the great content in one easy to find place!

This episode is also different than any we've had so far. The reason for that is because we have a mom AND a daughter talking with us! 

Do you remember Alison Prince from episode 202? She's back today and has her daughter Makayla telling her side of the story. I love hearing this different perspective. It's always been the moms talking about their kids with no input from the other side, so this was fun!

We talked about a bunch of things, including:

  • An ultimatum from mom
  • Selling $100,000 in nine months
  • Knowing what you want to do with your life
  • Understanding the value of money at a young age
  • Freedom to choose any path you want
  • Creating her OWN COURSE!

I hope you enjoy listening to this fun chat between mother and daughter (and me!)


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Alison's Instagram

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Thanks for listening- have a marvelous day!



Nov 25, 2019

Today I have another episode that was originally going to air on the podcast "Full Time Family"- a whim I had months ago. I decided to instead present it as a series here within Marvelous Moms to keep all the great content in one easy to find place!

I had Corrine on the podcast YEARS ago, she was on episode 73 which you can find in the links below. It's so fun to go back and talk to former guests again and see where they're at now. If you don't remember Corrine, she's the creator of Mint Arrow! Be sure to check out those links below as well. And of course, listen to this episode because that's one of the main things we're talking about. 

So, what exactly did we talk about today?

  • Following the Spirit for decisions big and small (God/intuition/whatever higher power you believe in!)
  • Knowing when you need extra help with your business
  • How to integrate family life with being a work-at-home couple
  • Including your kids in your business
  • and much more!

I want to hear from YOU my friend! Let's chat about this over on Instagram- @kirstentyrrel You can tag me or post and use #marvelousmomsclub so we can keep the conversation going.

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More from this episode:

Corrine's podcast for Mint Arrow

Mint Arrow's Instagram

Mint Arrow's Website

Mompreneur Monday with Corrine Stokoe of Mint Arrow (Episode 73)


Thanks for listening- have a marvelous day!



Nov 23, 2019

It's Five Minute Friday! And today I have a little check in episode- letting you know how homeschool is really going. I get asked a lot how I am balancing this on top of everything else- and a few months in... this is the stone cold truth! 

Nov 20, 2019

Mommas! We have something really special to share on today's episode! Keia was on the podcast a couple of months ago and after our talk (and several others after it) we realized how much we wanted to work with each other! We have a shared passion for teaching others and we're sharing on this episode how we plan to do just that! 

Nov 18, 2019

Happy Monday, Marvelous Moms! Get ready to listen to the smooth sounds of Jadah's voice on the podcast today. This episode manages to be relaxing and inspiring at the same time 🤣

Here's the gist of our conversation:

  • Not achieving business success until her third business try
  • Gaining 355,000 email subscribers in two years
  • Leaving a big business she helped create
  • What she's reading
  • Letting our kids feel validated
  • and more, of course!

As always, we hope your day is brightened by the podcast today.

Don't forget to follow Jadah on Instagram and to check out her website. She's also provided a FREE 5-Step Build Your Challenge Roadmap.


Nov 15, 2019

The other day during "chore time" my kids decided instead of taking 5 minutes to do something, they'd take 3 hours. This opened up the doors for a math lesson, a time management lesson, and even brought out the dominos for an object lesson in cause and effect! Listen in for five minutes to see how THESE five minutes changed their minds about chores!

Nov 13, 2019

Hey moms! Today is a BONUS episode- intended to be a Five Minute Friday but I had a LOT to say. This episode was recorded after a few others that are coming in the very near future- and you can FEEL the energy shift in my voice.

And my voice is the exact topic of conversation today. I had a really amazing experience in Florida last month and wanted to share it publicly. And this is just one of many wonderful moments- but it was life changing and I never want to forget it!

Nov 11, 2019

Today's episode is one that was originally going to air on the podcast "Full Time Family"- a whim I had months ago. I decided to instead present it as a series here within Marvelous Moms to keep all the great content in one easy to find place!

Kindle is my inspiration for the homeschool life we are living right now. She is THE person to follow and learn from if you are toying around with the idea, or need some empowerment as a homeschool mom.

We covered a LOT of ground here and got pretty deep into our beliefs about the school system and why we are not just homeschooling to combat what we see are the FLAWS, but rather the beauty that we are finding and the positives in schooling our children from home. You may not know this- but all homeschool parents get asked the same basic questions and are met with the same reactions from parents who do not homeschool.

I asked Kindle to debunk or demystify three of those main things we get asked about or the assumptions people make- and her answers were fantastic.

Nov 8, 2019

It's a Five Minute Friday yo! Today I'm talking (rather ranting and rambling) about my journey through self esteem, and how I went from a lazy teen to a self aware adult. I'm finally realizing now- how beauty isn't about the makeup, the clothes or the hair. It's about your light- who you are and really just BEING yourself. Cliche? Yep. But I'm ok with it- and I hope you glean something from this short episode! 

Oct 21, 2019

Hey everybody... aren't you so glad we're still here? Marvelous Moms Club has brought so much inspiration to thousands of people and I want it to continue as long as possible!

Today I have my friend Renee on the podcast. She is FULL of said inspiration and she is marvelous to listen to.

Here are some things we talked about:

  • When she started thriving and wanted to share it with everyone else
  • How she manages her time
  • Books!
  • Going from nothing to six figures in ten months!!
  • Life on social media
  • Making a difference in the lives of others
  • Much more!


If this episode spoke to you in any way, please feel free to share if with your family and friends. Spread that inspiration like wildfire!

Now that you're in love with Renee, don't forget to follow her on Instagram. Catch you all next week!




Oct 16, 2019

I played with your heart momma! I told you we were ending the podcast a few episodes ago- and I am taking it back. Eating my words and changing my mind. I'm like a professional mind changer. But I promise it's for a good reason and I can't wait for you to listen to this episode. Making shifts to get into alignment is incredibly important! 

Oct 7, 2019

Hey Marvelous Moms!

I've got my friend Steffanie Wing on the podcast today. Among other things, we discuss the oh-so-dreaded postpartum depression and anxiety. This topic will never not need to be talked about!

Please join us and learn a thing or two.

Follow Steffanie on on Instagram!

Sep 30, 2019

Hey Marvelous Moms! Today on the podcast I'm talking with a good friend of mine, Keia Blake. She is the kind of person who loves to learn and apply her knowledge to her daily life.

We talk to a lot of moms on here who work from home. Did you know that it's possible to work a corporate job from home? That's right. You don't have to sit in an office building to be a loan officer (what Keia does) or something similar. We talk about that too!

Hope you enjoy this episode, and as always, have a Marvelous day!

Follow Keia on Instagram and on her website

Sep 23, 2019

Angie Chandler is on the podcast today! This episode sums up pretty well the whole point of the Marvelous Moms Club Podcast. I say that because Angie gives some really good parenting advice I hadn't thought of before! And, she also has found a way to use her passions to help others. Angie used to be a teacher. Now, instead of reaching just 22 students in a classroom, she reaches the lives of thousands!

To find the "Mom store" pages we talk about in the episode, go to Angie's Etsy page.

Check out Angie's website, and follow her on Instagram!


Sep 16, 2019

It's hard to sum up this episode because Micala Quinn brings us personal stories as well as her business ventures. There's no shortage of inspiration for you today, that's for sure! Micala shares her story of losing a child, one that is never easy to share. She also tells us how she was able to start making money from home doing freelancing. This enables her to stay home and spend precious time with her children.

We really hope you enjoy this one!

Follow Micala on Instagram or check out her blog.

Sep 9, 2019

Finances. Maybe not your favorite part of life, but they're a big necessity to maintain. I've got Kumiko Love a.k.a. The Budget Mom on the podcast today, and she knows what it's like to be lost in your personal finances! Managing income, debt, bills, and everything else finance-related can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be!

Listen to today's episode to find out how important it is to be comfortable with your finances. You will feel so much better once you have it all figured out!

You can follow Kumiko on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or her blog!

Sep 6, 2019

Today I'm sharing about something super exciting that we are doing as a family, something I have been dreaming of for over 10 years! 

That led me to think- how many of our dreams do we give up on when they haven't happened in a year, or even a few months? 

Did you know it took Michelangelo 4 years to complete the Sistine Chapel? The coliseum took 10 years to finish, the leaning tower of Pisa took 199 years to be completed... 

So, are you giving your big dreams long enough to come true? 

Sep 2, 2019

Do you ever wish you were one of "those families" that got to travel a lot? It seems impossible to do when you have kids, a demanding job, and so much more on your plate! I love my interview with Jen Brewer because her family has been able to travel many times even though her husband works full-time. 

Are you curious how they do it? Tune in to find out!

Aug 30, 2019

I have created some really cruddy days for myself this week- and it all starts the night before. Today I'm sharing three tips for a MARVELOUS day, and how you can create these small shifts that give you the days you REALLY deserve as a mom! Listen in and share with a momma who needs to hear it! 

Aug 26, 2019

This episode will break your heart and put it back together.

I don't know if I've said this before on here, but I wish I could hug each and every one of you, especially when you're going through the most difficult times in your lives!

Today you get to listen to my talk with a good friend, Claire Aleman. She is a shining example of how you can live through loss. She teaches that it's possible for grief and happiness to exist at the same time.

Feel free to follow Claire's Instagram or her blog!

Aug 23, 2019

Today is a quick and meaningful Five Minute Friday episode where I'm helping you to connect the past, present and future. Have you ever thought about what your future self would want you to know? What would you go back and tell the past version of yourself today? It's important that we have awareness and start taking action steps and loving ourselves NOW to become the women we are striving to be! 

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