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Welcome to "She Builds Online," your ultimate audio destination for personal growth and business development. Immerse yourself in transformative conversations and compelling stories that inspire the journey to success. This isn't just about making it in business; it's about leveling up every aspect of your life. Kirsten, an experienced entrepreneur herself, goes beyond the norm, exploring the strategies that really work and the stories that aren't often told. Each episode is filled with insightful interviews from successful figures across different industries. They share their personal stories, the highs and the lows, and the pivotal moments that propelled them towards their goals. Kirsten brings a wealth of marketing and sales knowledge, providing practical advice and insider tips to help you amplify your business. But more than just a business podcast, Kirsten infuses every discussion with inspirational and mindset-enhancing content. She's not just here to help you reach your dreams; she's here to help you redefine them. Tune in and get ready to transform your life and business from the inside out.
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Feb 23, 2024

 Hey, it's Kirsten and welcome to the power packed world of She Builds Online. This isn't your typical podcast. It's your ticket to a transformative journey where we break the rules and redefine success. Join me in candid conversations and untold stories that go beyond the business buzz. We're not just about making it, we're about making every part of your life extraordinary.

And I'm not your average host either. I'm an entrepreneur who's been in the trenches and I'm ready to have the real conversations that need to happen for us to truly understand what it means to be successful. In each episode, we're diving into the highs, the lows, and those pivotal moments that propel us forward.  Success isn't one size fits all, and neither is this podcast, so get ready for insights from game changers across diverse industries.

I'm bringing you a toolkit of marketing and sales wisdom, practical advice, and insider tips to amplify your business in every single way.  But hold up, because this isn't just about business. It's about injecting inspiration and mindset magic into your everyday life.

I'm not just here to help you reach your dreams. I'm here to shake up the dream itself and help you redefine what it means to be successful. So buckle up and get ready to transform your life and business from the inside out. 

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Feb 7, 2024

In this captivating podcast episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing the accomplished interior designer, Sam Cram. We delved into her inspiring journey of kickstarting her own business and attaining remarkable success, all at a young age. 

Throughout our conversation, Sam generously shared insights on strategies like maximizing social media, crafting a strong online presence, and leveraging professional networks – invaluable advice for fellow entrepreneurs like myself.

We also explored the power of manifesting goals and the significance of having a crystal-clear vision of success. Sam painted a vivid picture by recounting personal stories, from manifesting her dream house and car to discussing the nitty-gritty details of scaling her business while maintaining unwavering consistency. T

he episode is a treasure trove of both motivational and practical wisdom for anyone navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

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Jan 31, 2024

If you want to be successful, what is most important? Shifting your mindset and focusing on manifesting? Or working hard to earn your dream life? 

On this episode I'm exploring the balance between energy and reality and how to navigate the world of manifesting, when you're conditioned to work hard and pay your dues. 

If you've been hustling hard and feel like your dreams are no closer than when you began, OR if you have been focusing intensely on positive thoughts to no avail...this episode will clarify how you can strike the perfect balance between both the "woo-woo" and the work! 

Did this episode challenge your reality? What aha moments did it give you?

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Jan 24, 2024

Aubrey Grossen joins me on the podcast today and shares her personal journey of fostering authenticity in her online business. She encourages the stance of 'being a full you' rather than fitting into a specific niche or mimicking what other successful influencers are doing. We talked about the powerful shift that occurs when one aligns their actions with their underlying beliefs, and the central role God plays in Aubrey's business journey.

We talk about the different seasons in business – the times to push hard, build, and flourish, and the times to pull back and honor family life. Right now, Aubrey's in a season of rest, and she emphasizes the importance of showing up fully as a mother. It's a reminder we all need.

Aubrey drops some truth bombs about success being relative. It's not just about the professional achievements; it's about finding contentment in the present. Life and relationships take the front seat, and she urges us to assign a higher intrinsic value to those moments.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this candid and insightful conversation. Aubrey Grossen brings a refreshing perspective to the table, and I can't wait for you to soak in the wisdom she shares. 

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Jan 10, 2024

On today's episode I take a deep dive into my personal journey of starting a podcast and the incredible transformation it brought into my life. From battling imposter syndrome to finding my unique voice, I share the raw emotions and challenges I faced along the way.

I open up about my initial fears and doubts, recounting the moment when I sat down in front of the microphone and froze with uncertainty. Thankfully, I tapped into my secret weapon  —an alter ego named Vera—who helped me overcome my fears and dive headfirst into the world of podcasting.

While podcasting opened doors to financial benefits and professional growth, it was the internal transformation that truly took me by surprise. The confidence built through overcoming challenges and consistently showing up for the podcast inspired me to push past my limits and believe in my ability to accomplish difficult tasks.

If you, too, have considered starting a podcast, I encourage you to seize the opportunity. Through intentional research, an acceptance of imperfection, and the courage to start, you can find your own unique voice and share your stories with the world. It's a journey that holds immeasurable personal growth and the power to transform both your life and the lives of your audience.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to level up your podcasting game, I offer tools and resources to support you on your journey. From my podcast prep e-course to the upcoming podcast membership, I'm dedicated to guiding you through every step of launching a powerful and impactful podcast.

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Jan 6, 2024

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of "She Builds Online." As we step into the new year, I've been doing a lot of reflection, and I want to share these insights with you in this episode.

Looking back at the past year, it's been a whirlwind of accomplishments, growth, and valuable lessons. I've celebrated some big wins, and yes, faced a few challenges too. But each step has been a part of this incredible journey. I've learned that celebrating our achievements is just as important as learning from our mistakes. It's all about growth, right?

As we look forward to 2024, I want to talk about setting specific, actionable goals. I know setting goals can sometimes feel daunting, especially if we've faced disappointments in the past. But I've realized that keeping our ambitions vague because we're afraid of failing isn't the answer. We need to set clear, defined goals and trace our progress towards them.

One thing I've come to understand is that success isn't just the result of hard work. It's also about accepting and recognizing our inherent value and worth. That's why I encourage you to start seeing yourself as the successful person you aim to be. Imagine you're already there, and let this vision guide your actions and expectations. It's not just about what we do; it's about how we see ourselves and our potential.

Before we dive into goal-setting, it's crucial to become centered and truly know who we are and who we aim to become. This understanding forms the foundation of our ambitions and aspirations. It's not just about setting targets; it's about aligning them with our true selves.

I'm also thrilled to announce that we've rebranded the podcast to 'She Builds Online.' This change reflects our evolving journey together. This year, I'm committed to bringing you weekly episodes featuring incredible female entrepreneurs who will share their stories, inspire you, and offer strategic tips to help you grow your business online.

So, let's embrace 2024 with open arms, ready to set goals, achieve success, and celebrate every milestone along the way. Together, we're building more than just businesses; we're building dreams, lifestyles, and legacies.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here's to a year of growth, success, and building our futures, one step at a time!



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Tune in to episode 308: The Secret of Success: The Method for Creating Massive Wealth+Success in Your Business

Nov 22, 2023

In this episode, we delve into ending the year with purpose and setting ourselves up for success in 2024. It's a mix of reflection, strategy, and personal insights. I introduce a helpful resource, the 'Business Reboot', to aid in this reflective journey. The episode centers on the importance of honest self-evaluation and strategic planning, sharing my own experiences in shifting from survival mode to intentional growth. There's a focus on building a solid foundation and the necessity of keeping consistent in our efforts. The episode wraps up with encouragement to maintain momentum and prepare for a fruitful new year, offering practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow and succeed. The key takeaway? How to end the year strong and begin the next one with a clear, empowered vision.

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Nov 16, 2023

Dive into this insightful episode where we explore the empowering journey of Jade, a virtual assistant who transformed her career and life. From overcoming financial struggles and the challenges of motherhood to mastering the art of virtual assistance, Jade's story is a beacon of inspiration for anyone aspiring to achieve financial freedom and flexibility. Discover the secrets of becoming a successful VA, the importance of personal branding, and the art of balancing work with personal life. Whether you're considering a career as a VA or looking to scale your existing business, this episode is packed with valuable lessons and actionable advice.

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Nov 8, 2023

Join Kirsten as she dives into a riveting conversation with Tara, a four-time guest whose entrepreneurial journey embodies the true essence of financial freedom and personal evolution. This episode unfolds the remarkable story of how Tara transformed her life from the constraints of the corporate world to the liberating adventures of world travel, all while nurturing a flourishing business. Get inspired by the candid discussions around stepping out of comfort zones, embracing cultural diversity for business innovation, and the intentional steps towards achieving the dream of financial independence. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, Tara’s insights offer valuable lessons on living life with purpose and passion. Tune in to discover how to shape your own entrepreneurial path towards success and fulfillment.


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Nov 2, 2023

In this episode, we take a hard look at the mental load that comes with being a mom entrepreneur. It's a real talk about the unexpected twists of daily life, like surprise bunnies, and how these moments can shed light on our capacity to manage and even thrive amidst chaos. We'll discuss the challenges of balancing the intense demands of parenting and business, and how to navigate the pressures without losing ourselves to overwhelm. If you're a mom trying to run a business and feeling the weight of it all, tune in for some practical insights and strategies to help lighten the load.

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Oct 25, 2023

Jorja Leavitt joins me on the podcast today, sharing her journey from flipping one mattress online, to a now thriving empire with over 1,400 resellers! Jorja has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a sharp eye for opportunity. She brings a fresh perspective on motherhood and entrepreneurship, and shares the challenges and wins she has experienced.

In this episode: 

  • How Jorja identified a specific problem and turned it into a multi-million dollar company.
  • How long it took Jorja to take a paycheck from her start-up, and what every new entrepreneur needs to know.
  • The truth about balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship and how Jorja navigates reality.
  • The game of business and how Jorja approaches it.
  • Casting a large shadow and empowering your children to build their own lives.
  • The importance of relationships in business ownership.
  • Navigating jealousy of non-entrepreneurial moms.

....and SO much more!

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Oct 11, 2023

In this heartfelt episode, I dive deep into the power of introspection, sharing my own journey of self-discovery and growth. Reflecting on my past struggles, moments of doubt, and personal victories, I emphasize the profound value of every experience, both good and bad. I challenge you, the listener, to re-define your own metrics of success and urge you to recognize and express gratitude to your past selves for paving the way to where you are now. Whether you're a business owner, a mother, or someone seeking a deeper understanding of personal growth, this episode is my personal testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty of life's journey.

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Oct 4, 2023

Emm is a real life Rockstar living in Los Angeles, singing her way to the top. She has been an inspiration to me as I watch the unfolding of her career. She is one of the most authentic and fascinating people I've met on the internet. I knew I needed to share her story and journey with all of its hustle, prayer and magic. 

"I think every person has a right to be provided for as God's child. So I was like, you know what? I think God's going to take care of me. And I'm just going to speak that over myself until I believe that it's true because my faith is weak in this area. And I was just speaking that constantly. Twenty-four- seven, all the way to work. When I went to the bathroom at work, when people left the room at work, like all the time, I was speaking out loud and all the way home."

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Aug 9, 2023

Starting June 15th I embarked on a 90 day sprint to success. I have seen this process work its magic in my life in prior seasons, and after seeing how stagnant my personal growth had become, I decided it was time for a refresh. 

This episode was recorded 35 days in, and is a raw and somewhat unfiltered audio journal. The progress internally that had happened only 1/3 of the way is astonishing to me! The power of intention is real and I know that we are capable of transformation at ANY stage of life.

Tune in as I share what I've done, how it's shifted my reality and how you can start doing it too! 

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Dec 6, 2022

My guest today is a long time friend who has inspired me for years. Chelsea Wilson is a voice teacher specializing in musical theatre performance. She’s a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Musical Theatre BFA program and uses her expertise to support her students all over the world, from Broadway stars to amateurs singers. In 2017 she began working as the associate vocal coach on the Broadway production of SCHOOL OF ROCK and later THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. In 2021 she co-founded Broadway Vocal Coach, an online training program for professional and aspiring musical theatre performers who want to take the next step in their careers. She’s a wife and a new mom and she currently lives in Washington State.

We're chatting all about the pivot she made in her career and how it took her to a place she know she was always destined to arrive at, in spite of the discomfort getting there. 

You can tune in to Chelsea's podcast HERE

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Nov 29, 2022

Chynna Hansen, the creator and founder of Little Mama Shirt Shop joins me on the podcast to share the story of how she started her shop! She's giving us an insight into how her inspired idea has become a multi-million dollar brand with nearly 30 employees, all in a matter of six years. Her journey is inspiring and you'll love hearing how much she attributes her success to the state of her mind and her dreams.

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Jun 21, 2022

I recently turned 37, and the freedom I feel after my birthday has been unlike anything I've experienced in YEARS. This is the pep talk and motivation you didn't know you needed! I'm breaking down how to STOP caring and start doing what you love, regardless of the possibility of failure. So many aha moments on this episode, you have to listen to experience all the magic! 


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Jun 15, 2022

If working hard and hustling feels like you are moving the needle, but it is coming in the way of your's time to add automation. Throughout the series we have discussed authenticity in automation, so don't be afraid that making some shifts and using tech will ruin your momentum! You are only as powerful as your systems that allow you to grow and scale. Bring that magic and human connection into the equation and start creating automation in your business! Watch the 10 Minute Masterclass about VIP days here--

Jun 14, 2022

Things get a little controversial on this episode as I question and call out the marketing industry. Do those fake scarcity tactics really work? Would we have even needed them if we had stayed connected to our audience? This episode walks thorugh how to create more trust with our buyers by asking ourselves one important question-"What's in it for them?". Listen in then snag the Quiz Playbook here- 

Jun 13, 2022
You are the magic in your marketing, the reason everything works. If you've been focusing outside of yourself to create that magical connection, you've looked beyond the mark! On today's episode I'm breaking down the next step in authentically automating your marketing! In fact, there are five steps, and I've got all the goodies for you. Also grab the Quiz Playbook here- 
Jun 10, 2022
Today is episode 2 of the bonus series- Marketing Automation: How to Authentically Automate Your Business in 2022! If you've gotten too caught up in the metrics of business, and wanting automation is ONLY about the bottom line, this episode is for you. In order to step it up with our marketing, we have to create more intention and our WHY has to be more centered and real than ever before. Let me know what YOUR why is by tagging me on Instagram @kirstentyrrel. Grab the free Quiz Playbook at 
Jun 9, 2022

Today starts the Marketing Automation series where I'm breaking down how to incorporate authentic automation into your business. We have to begin by demystifying some beliefs and stories that have kept us frozen and questioning the success of our businesses. Can you achieve true passive income simply by selling a certain product? Are you ever really done marketing? It's all here in this episode! And grab the Quiz Playbook to learn how to create an engaging automated sales funnel with a QUIZ!-->

Jun 7, 2022

Major changes happened in the Tyrrel family over the past couple of months and I'm sharing all about it on today's episode. In business you have to make big changes to make progress and momentum happen. You're getting the entire back story to our unexpected move and where we are now. Things are going to change, and all for the better! 

Mar 16, 2022

If you own 100 urls, have dozens of ideas per day and feel like you're never going to be able to succeed with all of might be an entrepreneur. This episode is dedicated to the rising and scaling entrepreneurs who are looking backwards to determine their likelihood of moving forward. Your past failures and unfulfilled ideas do not indicate your future success! Tune in and take the biz quiz here- 

Mar 8, 2022
Today I'm sharing a shift I'm making in my own business, and why it's absolutely necessary for me to do so. Rather than leaving you high and dry and compromising my integrity to be consistent, I'm sharing how that consistency is changing, and the word I'm adding in front of consistency to change the game. I am not disappearing forever, but I'm definitely ready to create real impact and efficiency in my online business! I hope my shift inspires you to be more intentional in your own business! 


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