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Meet Your Hostess

Carrie Zylka

Carrie wants to live in a world where everyone knows what a podcast is and everyone subscribes to hers. A world where people immerse themselves in literature via spoken word. A world where audio books come bundled with Starbucks gift cards and laptop batteries never die.

As a writer with more than 200 podcast episodes published, 100+ shorts stories, 6 novels (3 that are actually completed and 3 she just pretends are done) and more than 1,000 articles written, she decided to combine her love of words with her love of audio.

When she’s not creating entire galaxies or launching new podcast endeavors, you can find her somewhere outside. An avid outdoorsman and horse lover it’s not uncommon for her to weave her love of nature into a story and you may find more than one character riding a big black horse who is the spitting image of her own.