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Jun 27, 2024

What if all those office wellness perks aren't actually helping? Is your office wellness program just a series of gimmicks? In this episode Tanya Tarr, Senior Contributor, Forbes, and Behavioral Scientist, and host Joe Serio dissect the myths of workplace wellness. You might rethink those yoga sessions! Tune in now!

Tanya and Joe dig into the nuanced world of well-being, whether at home or in the workplace. In this riveting episode, they switch gears from the comforts of home to the often chaotic terrain of the office. Ever wondered why pizza parties and gimmicky workplace wellness programs just don't cut it? This episode is for you.

Who should listen? If you're an employee feeling stuck in a toxic work environment, a manager looking to foster a healthier workplace, or an HR professional striving for impactful wellness initiatives, this episode is your blueprint for creating a thriving work culture. 

Here are a few thought-provoking takeaways about workplace well-being, toxic bosses, and the crucial aspects of creating a sense of belonging:

1. Balancing home and work well-being is crucial. Sometimes work is a sanctuary, other times it’s home—either way, one impacts the other significantly.

2. Simply offering gym memberships or pizza parties isn’t cutting it when it comes to workplace wellness. Real workplace well-being needs to be part of strategic planning and management.

3. Critical well-being factors to assess at work include physical comfort, solving interesting problems, professional development support, psychological safety, and feeling part of a supportive culture.

4. Meaningful workplace connections are key. If employees have genuine friendships at work, it’s a strong indicator of an organization’s health.

5. If you're stuck with an unsupportive boss, focus on what you can control. Seek intrinsic rewards like meaningfulness, choice, competence, and progress in your tasks.

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