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Mar 18, 2024

Whether you're a business or HR leader looking to solve pressing turnover, burnout, and workplace culture challenges, this episode of "Better Leaders, Better Workplaces" is a must-listen. Srikant Chellappa, cofounder and CEO of Engagedly, and host Vivian Blade share the latest trends and strategies for creating resilient workplaces. Tune in to discover the key takeaways of treating employees as humans, the importance of transparency and recognition, and the impact of the generational talent shortage. Don't miss out on valuable takeaways such as these: 

1. Today's talent game is changing faster than ever, and the old rulebook just won't cut it. If you want to thrive in the workforce of the future, you'd better start rethinking how you attract, retain, and support your people.

2. Talent management isn’t just about managing talent anymore. It's about creating an environment where both the organization and its people can truly thrive. It’s about fulfilling the promise of benefiting each other in meaningful ways.

3. Organizations need to prepare for honest conversations with their employees. People want to be recognized as individuals with their own work and life aspirations, not just another row in the spreadsheet.

4. The future of work is all about acknowledging people as, well, people. It’s about treating them with respect, recognizing their goals, and keeping their aspirations in mind when setting organizational objectives.

5. If leaders aren’t ready to have these candid chats with their teams, they’re in for a bumpy ride. Employees want transparency, timely feedback, and a real sense of respect. Leaders need to be prepared for some straight talk.

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