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What is the CreepGeeks Podcast?

Broadcasting paranormal news and fun stories from our CreepGeeks Bunker Studio in the Mountains of Western North Carolina! We’re an offbeat news podcast that takes a light-hearted approach to the strange, the stupid, paranormal & tech topics circulating the web.

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 Hey everyone! Help us out!

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We’d like to grow and that would be super cool and Super Helpful!

Nov 1, 2018

Tonight!  7:30 pm Eastern

Halloween Show

CreepGeeks Podcast Episode 100

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What is the CreepGeeks Podcast?

An offbeat news podcast where we explore the strange, the stupid, paranormal and tech topics circulating the web.


  • Hey Everyone! You can call the show and leave us a message!




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Hey everyone! Help us out!

Rate us on iTunes!

We’d like to grow and that would be super cool and Super Helpful!

Did you know?

Interesting Random Factoid-

  1. History of Halloween- Ancient Celtic Farmers believed that one day a year the season of life meets the season of death. And spirits walk the earth on that day.


  • That day was called sow in. Means- summers end
  • Druid priests would try to predict if the their villages would survive the winter
  • Ordinary Celts would light bonfires and would use demonic disguises to repel the spirits and to protect themselves from the spirits that walked on that day.
  • Pope Gregory the Third established all Hallows day on November 1 to honor all Saints, past and future. And to absorb the Celts and their druid ways.
  • Sow in became known as all Hallows Eve  = Halloween
  • Puritans that arrived in America and left those traditions behind.
  • Until the Irish Potato famine sent about a million Irish to the Americas.
  • They brought their folklore with them. The folklore changed to suit the times and the bonfires turned into fires in gourds= Jack o'Lanterns
  • The disguises turned into scary costumes.
  • The tradition of treats which came from going to homes and praying for the souls of loved ones (souling) in exchange for small cakes, became the candy giving we know now. - ALLEGEDLY
  • Capitalism has made our Halloween very profitable and what we now today! -Merica  


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Listener Stories!

  1. Jay- One night, at the Whaley House, which is supposed to be America’s most haunted house. I was hanging out by myself, to relax, often I would go there to get my mind off of things. I was sitting on a brick wall, where there was no one around it was just me, it was also in the middle of the night. I felt something touch my shoulder, it felt like a hand reaching and touching me, only there was no one around me, and  I felt a cold breeze, the breeze was colder than the temp outside.
    Another experience is inside the Whaley House at night one time. I was in the house and I was taking pictures, I found dog prints underneath the bed in a room. There were no dog prints on the floor when I was in that room, but they came up on the camera when I took the picture ( I wish I had the pictures still but I do not have them anymore). I knew the housekeeper of the house, and he let a group of us in.  Those are a couple of experiences that I have had. I have had more experiences at the house, but it would take all night.
  2. Greg- USS Caron-
  3. Brian- I grew up in a house where the previous owner committed suicide in the house by blowing his head off with a gun.  He was known as Mr. Fiddler. At least that's what we were all told shortly after moving in. There was always odd things happening... water turning on by itself, shadows moving, and an all-around feeling of darkness.  One late night, the entire family was in bed and the fire alarm located in the hallway outside of the bedrooms went off. Most of us met in the hallway to investigate and my dad couldn't get it to turn off. This was in the 70's before fire alarms were hard-wired and ran on batteries alone.  My dad took the battery out to silence it and we all went back to bed. A few minutes later the alarm went off again without the battery!! It scared the hell out of us at the time. Thinking back I wonder if it was real, or if it was my parents fucking with us. They're both dead now, so I can't ask them.  I guess I'll never know.
  4. Brian-In 1988 I was hanging out at my brother-in-law's house in a rural part of Phoenix, AZ.  It was getting late into the night and we were standing out in his backyard talking. We saw an extremely bright white light in the sky very far in the distance to the east.  It looked like a helicopter shining it's light directly at us, but it was the way to far for that. It was not moving... just hovering there in the sky. We thought it was unusual and it had our attention, but we weren't concerned at that point.  We were just trying to figure out what it was. A few minutes later, a second light of the same brightness and distance appeared to the north of us. Now there was two of them and we were getting concerned. About a minute after spotting the second light, it started heading straight toward us... fast.  Very fast. It flew right above us, less than 100 yards, and stopped in midair. It was kind of triangular with lights on the bottom and it was larger than any airplane I'd ever seen. It didn't make a single sound. After hovering for about 20 seconds, it turned toward the other light in the east and at first, slowly went toward it, then sped away super fast.  Both lights then disappeared. We were terrified and ran into the house, not believing what we just saw. We both know that it wasn't an airplane or helicopter. What stood out to us the most was how close it came to us without making a single sound, and how it hovered with absolutely no movement. We are both convinced that we had witnessed a UFO.

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New Mexico News/Funny News /Weird News:

  1. 'Deer Man' Approaches, Talks to Virginia Eyewitness



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