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Rock Under Fire

Dec 18, 2022

We pick four songs at random from every decade since the 1960s for discussion. This recording originally comes from our 2018 holiday special which amounted to a three-hour radio show. For copyright reasons, music has been omitted but the discussion left intact. After Youtube muted our 2016 version, Pat later joked that we should just leave the audio and let the audience imagine that we're playing music. Well, here it is...for fun we've done just that for this special double episode. Mike Derrico and Patrick Ivanitski are your hosts. Again, this is from 2018...don't be thrown by misplaced cultural references! Little Richard, Eddie Van Halen and Neil Peart were still with us when this was recorded, and Do the Right Thing was only 29 years old!


Copyright free music provided by Lovers Squared by Letter Box 1973 by Bruno E Giorgio Di Campo for FreeSound Music