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Aug 15, 2022

Run business-critical data workloads on-premises while you interact with servers across clouds. See what’s new when you build and operate hybrid workloads on Azure with Azure Arc. Check out the highlights of how hybrid development and management across Azure, on-premises, edge and multi-cloud services and infrastructure are enabled through Azure Arc.

For most of us, hybrid architecture is now a fact of life. There will always be some combination of on-premises infrastructure, along with edge locations like branch offices or devices running on the edge with IoT. You might also be using services across multiple public clouds. While it can lead to more complexity, hybrid architectures are often needed to achieve compliance, data sovereignty, and to solve for latency.

Apoorva Nori, Azure Program Manager at Microsoft, will show you how you can now build your apps and hybrid workloads to run ANYWHERE and get the benefits of Azure services with Azure Arc. Tour newly Arc-enabled services and infrastructure that help you build your own cloud-native apps and workloads to run what you need, where you need it.

00:00 Introduction of Hybrid Azure Arc updates
01:08 The basics of Azure Arc
02:18 Updates to integrated toolset for building could-native apps on Kubernetes
03:18 Seamlessly roll out updates to apps without any downtime with Arc-enabled cluster
04:22 Run Azure SQL Managed Instance Business Critical on your hardware
05:57 Updates to Azure control plane

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