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Aug 16, 2022

We're all trying to work faster and smarter to solve today's data-driven challenges. Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform can help by removing silos around data and providing near real-time insights, augmented with predictive AI and built-in controls that protect your data wherever it goes.

Sharieff Mansour, a leader on the Data and AI team at Microsoft, joins Jeremy Chapman for a closer look at how databases, analytics, machine learning, and governance come together in the Intelligent Data Platform. See how you can use these integrated services to build powerful new apps or modernize your current ones.

00:00 Introduction of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform
01:05 Improve the way you work with data
01:37 Foundational advantages of Intelligent Data Platform
02:09 Demo of how Intelligent Data Platform solves a real-world problem
05:30 Tech behind the app
07:37 Built-in AI predictions
10:32 Remove tech and people silos to make data work for you
12:04 Personalize customer interaction with Power Virtual Agent BOT

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