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Aug 22, 2022

With remote work and a changing data landscape, risk of data theft has reached new heights - Insider Risk Management helps protect against those risks. Watch the step-by-step tutorial for implementing an Insider Risk Management solution for your organization as part of Microsoft Purview.

It's surprisingly simple to build a baseline for managing activity inside your organization - from getting everything running, to setting policy on the types of violations that should raise system alerts, to assigning permissions for those who should have oversight and a level of incident detail they can see. While more advanced settings like intelligent detections define un-allowed and allowed domains and risk score boosters detect unusual activities or previous policy violations.

Talhah Mir, from the Microsoft Purview team, joins Jeremy Chapman to show you how to set up Insider Risk Management with Microsoft Purview.

00:00 Introduction
00:52 The best way to get started
01:13 Customize core experiences and insights
02:31 How to implement Purview for the first time
03:55 Set permissions
04:47 Customization
07:19 Create policies
07:55 Specify content priority
09:23 Define how a policy gets triggered
11:48 Two categories of detection
12:57 How to sign up for CS management in Microsoft Purview

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