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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Mar 20, 2017

What You'll Hear:

 Jeff was raised in a Christian home but fell away from the Lord during his college years
He was successful in business and consulting
Through marriage counseling, he found out he and his wife never healed or dealt with the abortion they had 25 years earlier
He started an organization with other men,...

Mar 6, 2017

What You'll Hear:

Jeff Kisiah was a high school coach who has gone by "Coach K", was an associate pastor for 30 years focusing on Men's Ministry
Since 2013, Jeff has been the National Field Director for the Man in the Mirror organization, whose mission is to help men disciple men
After attending 22 Promise Keeper...

Feb 20, 2017

What You'll Hear:

P.J. gave his life to Christ at a young age and was blessed not to fall into the prodigal son routine
He went to Bible college and started working full-time for a non-profit called the MediciProject
After looking for ways to pay off his student loans and advance the Gospel, he decided to start a...

Feb 6, 2017

What You'll Hear:

James Walker was a fourth generation Mormon but could not be assured of his salvation and then put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone
His mother and sisters became Christians but it was more difficult with his father.
James was helped by the Watchman Fellowship ministry.  He later became a...

Jan 23, 2017

Q&A - Spirit Round*
What is the Greatest Misunderstanding Men Have About Their Work?
I think a lot of men are scared to profess and live their faith.  They don't want to offend anybody.

Jesus Christ must be the center of everything we do as men in our personal and professional lives.  We need to be the example of living...