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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

Hope - From Axis Culture Translater Premium Vol 6 issue 29 "
Experts warn a second surge of COVID-19 deaths are imminent. Racial tensions continue to dominate the news cycle. Economic insecurity is trickling down into every sphere of life. It seems everything these days is up for grabs. Despair, darkness, and depression...

Jul 20, 2020

Came to Christ with the help of his Dad at age 10
Has lead "Care for Aids" for the last decade, which empowers people to have a life beyond AIDS
At age 18 he attended a conference where he faced the reality of HIV and that the church was silent on this issue
He went to Kenya and met 2 pastors and together they...

Jul 13, 2020


Good News and Bad News -Start with bad news, if our heart isn't totally committed to Jesus Christ in a relationship vs. a religious spirit, we're a not a true follower of Jesus, anything less than total surrender to Jesus doesn't cut it, we understand this type of commitent is a necesary part of a marriage, God shows...

Jul 6, 2020


3 P’s-Prepare, physically and spiritually, See end times from the Bible playing out today, you may not agree but I would encourage you to at least be familiar with some of the main portions of the Bible dealing with end times and to have some opinion of what they mean, I don't believe God gave us so many specific...