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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Apr 28, 2021

Don’t give up, You can Change! In past talked about Gods mercies regardless what sin we’ve committed. I've been thinking lately about God's mercies not just in terms of our sins of commission, but also of our sins of omission, the good, god-pleasing things we don't do.  I was going to simply title this talk "Don't...

Apr 19, 2021

What You'll Hear:
Larry was raised Catholic, but at age 13 was invited to a Protestant youth retreat where someone showed him the Gospel going through the Bible and Larry was saved
Larry and his wife had their first child Linley, who as an infant had an incident while in doctoral care that resulted in her having...

Apr 12, 2021

Damon Hinkle
He’s a trained Evangelist, not a gifted evangelist
3 main ways to evangelize 
  1.  tracts 
  2. 1x1
  3. Open air preaching 
What is not the Gospel
  1.  not limited by time, rev 14:6 location Mark 16:15, situation Luke 4:-7-19
  2. Appealing to the flesh (God loves you and has a great plan for your life-stony...

Apr 5, 2021

What You'll Hear:
Rhae gave his life to Christ at age 11, learned a lot about the Old Testament in his church
His first job was a paper route, he learned about the importance of customer service, he had learned about this from his grandfather who was a blacksmith
He always wanted to work in HR, partly with the help...