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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Mar 27, 2023

Your Two Testimonies
Your past and your present
First your past
The first you can’t change what happened but you can change how you think about it
Do you look back with regret and sadness and feel sorry for yourself and self condemned?
Or instead do you see Gods hand through it all, His faithful presence, and His plan...

Mar 23, 2023

We want God to Be in our lives because He is the source of all blessings
Like Israel we gather and do certain things looking for the blessing of God
We worship, we keep the commandments
Blessings are complicated, sometimes the prosperity we seek doesn’t come
We often associate blessings with material vs...

Mar 13, 2023

Share about separation
In a spiritual war for the last 6 months
Denial, negotiating attempts with God and others, counseling
Come to a few conclusions
It doesn’t matter what portion of this situation is from my actions vs someone else, in fact it’s futile and you could say to devote any energy to...

Mar 6, 2023

Lessons from Rocky 2
Lessons from Rocky 2.
Pray before work-Prayer from priest before going to fight, prayed that if he gets beat up it won't be too bad
Have a sense of humor
Be humble
Don't see anyone's work as beneath you (carrying spit pails at gym)
Don't put your work before your...