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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Nov 26, 2023

For more info contact Luke Richey began coding software at the age of 14, a foundation upon which he has built a life dedicated to businesses that bring society and technology into the future. His broad understanding of the industry, paired with a passion for both integrity and optimization within the business domain, led him to create many successful startups.  
In 2009, after selling his business to a gaming company, he co-founded Gravity Jack with a vision to advance mobile-based augmented reality. With a strong patent portfolio, dedicated research team and a top-tier client roster, Gravity Jack was quickly established as a leader in the industry. 
On March 16, 2019, following multiple supernatural encounters with the Lord, Luke surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ. Transformed and fully submitted to his Savior, Luke saw God work many miracles in his life, including the restoration of his health, his marriage, his family and his finances. The impact of his spiritual transformation and new reliance on Christ was so evident to those around him that revival broke out throughout his extended family. 
The founders of Gravity Jack, Luke and Jen Richey, are passionate followers of Jesus who are on a mission to help spread the gospel to the 50% of the population that does not have the Bible translated in their heart language by using AI and an AR game. Automatic translation engines like Google Translate only support the top 100 languages (ChatGPT supports 95) and the likelihood of these tech giants supporting any more languages is close to none. This is due to smaller linguistic communities lacking the critical mass of users needed to justify a profitable investment, and they often lack the necessary large datasets for effective AI training. Consequently, corporations claiming to be global connectors are disregarding the economic, intellectual and social potential of half the world's population. 
Gravity Jack is aiming to leverage the appeal of the gaming industry and the dedication of its market to bring the other 50% of the world onto the international economic stage that otherwise would never see, hear or read much of anything in their native language. Gravity Jack has a unique opportunity to do something that has not been done before. 
The company is currently developing an original augmented reality video game, WarTribe of Binyamin, which creates a multi-world war game with active and passive multiplayer role-playing, featuring revolutionary and patented augmented reality elements and geo ownership while simultaneously economically uplifting people in poverty. The video game bundles AR, AI and play-to-earn into one dynamic mobile app – all while generating what is poised to be the most robust translation service available on the marketplace.
Ken Barun, Senior Vice President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was recently announced as one of the newest members to the Board of Directors at Gravity Jack. Ken is a distinguished leader with extensive corporate and philanthropic experience, including his role as President/CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities Worldwide and Director of Projects and Policy on the White House staff to First Lady, Nancy Reagan. His commitment to making a positive impact is evident in his founding of the charity, and his dedication to charitable work and corporate social responsibility reflects his passion for making a difference in the world.