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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Nov 26, 2023

For more info contact Luke Richey began coding software at the age of 14, a foundation upon which he has built a life dedicated to businesses that bring society and technology into the future. His broad understanding of the industry, paired with a passion for both integrity and optimization within...

Nov 13, 2023

Get and Give Feedback
Surveys from Lowe’s to just about everywhere online
Why? Because it’s so important to not just work efficiently but to make sure you’re pursuing the right objective and in the right manner
I manage projects and critical aspect of my job is defining early and accurately what my customer or...

Nov 2, 2023

An overused phrase is to give 110% effort.
What does that mean when we think of living out our faith through our work
Well, I can't spell that out in a cookie cutter fashion that applies to everyone in all circumstances, but I know it when I see it
This morning I saw it.
I’ll use a different name, Bob. Bob took my...