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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Jan 31, 2018

What You'll Hear:

Chuck Powers grew up Catholic in West Virginia

Was Collegiate bowler of the year, has owned, and now manages several bowling centers

Leads several ministries in his spare time, including men's ministry and prison ministry


Chuck Powers
Born June 23, 1955    Saint Albans, WV  
Was brought up in a Catholic home, attended Catholic School grades 1-8.
Senior Class President at Saint Albans High School
All Conference Basketball  1970
All American Youth Bowling Champion 1965
Collegiate Bowler of the Year 1975
Have managed or owned bowling centers since 1974.
Currently oversee and do promotional work for 2 bowling centers in Salisbury and Statesville, NC
Live in Asheboro since 1993
1. When did you first become a Christian?
2. You've spent most of your career in the bowling industry in various ways.  Tell us how you got involved in this industry and some of the different positions and ups and downs you've experienced, as well as what you're doing now in that industry.
3. Among the many ministries you've been involved in, you're the founder of the Randolph Christian Men's Ministry, which is how I got to know you.  Tell us how this got started, how God has shaped this ministry through your leadership, and just some of the events you get involved in through this ministry and ways you're impacting the men of Randolph county here in NC.
4. Let's focus for a minute on the prison ministry.  Tell us about that ministry and specifically what has this experience taught you about men who have lost their way in life?
5. There are several things that impress me about you and your leadership style.  One of them is your willingness to try new things.  In the time I've known you, I've seen you consistently and persistently maintain certain events like the Men's Night Out and Sat morning breakfasts, but I've also seen you always trying new things.  Give us one example of a new ministry opportunity you pursued that worked great as well as one that didn't work out, and what you learned from both.
6. I've also noticed how effectively you've had loyal leaders under you that have helped make all this happen.  What's so impressive to me is that these men are not getting paid and they all are busy with their own lives including being active in their own churches.  Tell us about how you approach leading these men and some of the things you've found most effective in maintaining such a loyal and high quality group of leaders under you.
6. Most of your ministry is focused on men.  Why?
7. At the heart of your ministry is bringing men together from not only different churches but also different churchs.  We talk about this kind of unity in the body of Christ but rarely do you see it.  It seems like most Christians prefer to stay in their like minded bubble.  A perfect example of this is the recent RISE UP Prayer Walk event as well as the Men's Night Out where 100 or so men gather at a different church every month.  What has been the key for you to effectively  get church leaders and men with different theology and traditions to come together in unity?
8. We're all trying to do more with less time and there are countless books on time management.  You get more done than anyone I know.  How do you do it?
9. You often talk to men about finishing strong.  Tell us why you think is important.
4.  The Spirit Round - Chuck, to finish up our discussion with what we call The Spirit Round, I want to ask you some questions I ask everyone I interview.  
     a. What is the greatest misunderstanding men have about their work?
     b. Jesus told us to love our enemies.  Tell us about the most difficult, maybe even unlovable, person you've dealt with in the workplace, how you were able to show love to that person, and how your faith played a part in that situation.
     c. How important is it for us to work with excellence and why?
     d.  How important is it for us to be a model of integrity at our work, and give me one example where you've been tested in this area.
     e. Give us one tip for sharing the Gospel at work.
     f. I think sometimes Christian men, including myself, can be too serious including at our work.  Can you share one of your favorite jokes, if you have one, that our listeners could share with their co-workers this week (it's OK not to have one).
     g.What is your favorite scripture, you may even call it your life verse, and tell us why it's your favorite.
    h. A lot of us are looking for better ways to leverage our commute to and from our work.  Can you recommend 1 or 2 things our men can listen to on their commute to help them to be Spirit Led, this could be an audio book, a podcast, an app, or maybe some Christian music.
     i. Any final thoughts you'd like to share with our listeners.
    j. If anyone wants to learn more about you and what you do or just reach out to you for a conversation, how would they do that?  (response)