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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Jun 4, 2023

God's voice stills you, Satan's voice rushes you
God's voice leads you, Satan's voice pushes you
God's voice reassures you, Satan's voice frightens you
God's voice enlightens you, Satan's voice confuses you
God's voice encourages you, Satan's voice discourages you
God's voice comforts you, Satan's voice worries you
God's voice calms you, Satan's voice obsesses you
God's voice convicts you, Satan's voice condemns you
From Greg Pruett's interview:
Condemning, Divisive-Demonic
Bears fruit-from God
also-Human Expectations
Dr Joe
If self serving-from Me
if selfish-from Satan
if selfless-from God
Nikola Jokic vs Ray Kroc
Nikola defers to his teamates when interviewed, rather than taking credit he always says "It's a team effort" and when he was asked about the MVP trophy for the Western Conference Finals he said "this means nothing".  I also noticed the way he engages with others, there seems to be a genuine playful friendship and mutual respect with those he works with.
Watched Founders about McDonalds "founder" Ray Kroc.
He divorced his wife to marry someone more ambitious, he treated the McDonalds brothers poorly and went back on his word about paying them royalties, and he was an alcoholic and very self centered and selfish and prideful.
Unfortunately, I recognized some of Ray Kroc in my earlier life, and I have to be careful to check some of these traits now.  I used to be very into self-help and Ray would listen to speakers talk about the power of persistence but they weren't talking about doing things in a Biblical way.  Ray was a Billionaire and successful by the world's standards, but if his legacy is accurately depicted by this movie, he's not someone I want to emulate.
leader at work about making sure we all go home safe, and added "in the end that is all that really matters"
Better meetings
·     Purpose — The “why” behind the meeting. Start with a verb.
·     Participants — Who should be there? If a person won’t have an active role, don’t invite them.
·     Agenda & Approach — The format and order of discussion. If a topic doesn’t contribute to the meeting results, leave it out.
·     Results / Outcomes — What should be different when you are done?