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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Oct 25, 2016

Spirit Led Men at Work Podcast

Some of What You'll Hear in This Episode

My testimony (past)
A bit about me and my interests (present)
The format for this podcast (future)

My name is Dave Hilgendorf.  I'm a Christian, married with 3 daughters, I work as an engineer, and I'm a part-time author, blogger and podcaster.  On the Spirit Led Men at Work Podcast, I interview Christian men from all walks of life, with varying job titles, who all have one thing in common.  They're all choosing daily to be led by the Holy Spirit at their work.  Because of that they're prospering, glorifying God, and have joy and purpose at their work.  And you can too.
Summary of this Episode
I share the story of 4 men who are at a men's breakfast, and how on this podcast I want to have a man 3/man 4 type of conversation more so than a man 1/man 2 conversation.

I share my testimony by splitting my life into sets of 7 years each and with an emphasis on the people who have had the greatest influence on me.

My first 2 sets of 7 up to age 14, I grew up in Chicago and then Wisconsin.  My father and mother were my primary influences, as well as 2 particular teachers, Mrs. Bruhl and Mr. Lisius.

From age 15 to 21, I wanted to be a writer and worked at a daily newspaper free lancing.  I share why Monte Hanson made such an impact on me.  In college I had a sinful lifestyle which I regret but thank God for redemption.  I struggled with choosing my major, ending up with Chemical Engineering.  I was primarily money driven.  This is relevant, I think, since selecting our vocation and the type of work we do will be one of the things we discuss on the podcast.

From age 22-28, I worked in R&D for General Mills in Minneapolis, MN.  I loved my work and was part of several product launches and received a patent.  John Church, the man who hired me, had a big influence on me in terms of his professionalism, focus on results, and people skills.

From age 29-35, I was married briefly and left engineering to become my "own man" as a real estate entrepreneur.  I bought, sold and rented hundreds of properties.  I had some success but ultimately amassed too much debt and my business failed.

From age 36-42, I became a born-again Christian, met my wife Kari and adopted her 2 daughters Rachael and Rebecca and we had another daughter together, Renee.  I was involved in men's ministry and Promise Keepers, filed bankruptcy, and I returned to engineering.

From age 43 to my present age of 47, I have prospered in my career and am blessed immensely with my family.  I wrote a book "Jesus is at Work" and started blogging at about living out your faith at work.  I changed the name to when I decided to start a podcast "Spirit Led Men at Work".

I'm not too big into sports.  I'm interested in politics and I'm very conservative but won't talk about that on the podcast.   I like audio books and one of my favorite authors is Ted Dekker.  I like Christian music, particularly Third Day, David Crowder, Red, Jesus Culture among others.

The format of the podcast will have a Christian focus, not self help.  I'll focus on men and on work.  I'll interview men from all different occupations, not just entrepreneurs, and occasionally ministers.  I'm not an expert and will approach this as being one of you searching and exploring what it means to be Spirit led at work.

Episodes will be 30-60 minutes in length.  I'll start out with an episode every 2 weeks but as soon as I'm confident I can stay committed to it I'll switch to one each week.  Episodes will come out at 5am on Monday mornings.
Links from this Episode (and others I didn't have time to mention)
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