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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Oct 25, 2016

What You'll Hear:

How Dave became a Christian when he was climbing the government ladder with Potomac fever
How he was guided by Chuck Colson on what to do next
Dave went to work for Ronald Reagan, in charge of legislative affairs

Reagan was convinced he was spared in the assassination attempt for a reason
After 30 years in government, Dave became a Pastor and then founded WACMM
Over 16,000 men have attended 170 WACMM events
We are not what we do, the purpose of our work is to join with God in His work
Excellence at work needs to come from our heart, not to impress people
You don't need to close the deal the first time you meet someone at work

Dave Brown is the Pastor-at-Large of the Washington Area Coalition of Men's Ministries (WACMM), a non-profit, non-denominational ministry to develop and encourage ministries to men in the mid-Atlantic region.

Dave served thirty years in the Federal Government holding senior policy and management positions in the U.S. Congress, the Executive Office of the President and the Executive Branch.  From 1981-1989, he served as an appointee of President Ronald Reagan.

In 2001 he became Men's Pastor at McLean Bible Church in McLean, VA.  Since 2006 he has been the Director of WACMM and he currently pastors at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD.

He speaks on biblical manhood and men's issues across the nation.  He is the author and producer of Fireproofing Your Marriage, Family and Life Seminar, and Calling Courageous Men Seminar.

Dave is a 1969 Honors graduate of Ohio University and the Senior Managers in Government Program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  He received his theological education from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in Deerfield, IL and Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Oviedo, FL.

He and his wife Susan have three adult children.
Becoming a Christian
Became a Christian in 1980 at the age of 33

Was climbing the government career ladder and realized the ladder had been against the wrong building

The only Christian he knew was Chuck Colson, Chuck told him that God would show him what he should do next
Working for Ronald Reagan
Rather than being called to ministry out of government, Dave was called to ministry in government when he was asked to join Ronald Reagan's staff

Reagan wasn't as tall as you'd think but had a strong presence, very comfortable in his own skin, came not to prove himself but knew he was on a mission

After the assassination attempt Reagan was convinced he was spared for a reason and was very determined

Reagan never demanded loyalty but he got it in remarkable ways

Reagan wasn't very public about his faith, but since then we know about his devotional life, prayer life, and conversations he had about his faith

Reagan and Lincoln both knew the nation's future rested on their shoulders and critical decisions that had to be made
Working in Government for 30 years
Before being saved, Dave was very ambitious in government and had "potomac fever", after being saved he still wanted to make a difference but it was with an eternal focus

Dave was in charge of legislative affairs for Reagan, working with 535 representatives and senators

Learned how to take criticism, both political and personal
Pastoral Ministry and Para-church Ministry (WACMM)
Last 5 years in government, Dave got his seminary degree and in 1998 when he retired from government he became a pastor

In 1999, he was one of eight men who had been involved in Promise Keepers and had a heart to minister to men who met in a tire store and formed a band of brothers and started training in manhood theology principles

Over 16,000 men have since attended over 170 events they've held in the Wash DC area</...