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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Mar 16, 2020

What You'll Hear:
  • Saved by the blood of Christ at the age of 10 after an invitation from a neighbor
  • First job mowing grass, but on a regular basis was at a small "His and Hers" grocery store down the street
  • After high school, completed the 2 years electronics course at the Danville Community College and got a job right away at Sentry Cash Register
  • Community colleges are a great way to avoid a lot of debt and be close to home
  • Worked for the same company for 32 years and became a part owner in the business after the first 11 years
  • Ambition was to grow and get to the top
  • Don't waste your money, be cautious during times of abundance and prepare for things that might come
  • Treat all of your employees the way you would want to be treated
  • 6 years ago, the economy started to decline and there was competition from many other areas.  Held on 3 years longer than should have.  "I just didn't want to give up"
  • "As I suffered, my family suffered"
  • "The cycle I had set for myself was everything was going to be bigger and better
  • "I had not given God credit for any of my success"
  • "Shamefully, I realized I would take God off a shelf in times of need and despair, but I wouldn't rejoice with Him in the victories of each and every day"
  • Break 1: 19:33
  • "In that final "I" moment, I asked God a lot of questions... I realized I had to have total surrender"
  • In that season his wife and Mike first visited Union church in Danville
  • "It's amazing how God can work in a person's life and how that things can change your perspective on what's important and what's not"
  • "I was pretty worried, I was 51 years old, unemployed and basically knew how to do one thing"
  • "I praise God in my storms...If I had continued to be successful, I would have continued to give myself the credit, and I might not even be in church"