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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Jun 22, 2024

This podcast episode focuses on the critical shortage of HVACR technicians and installers across the industry. The hosts discuss the massive gap that exists, with estimates of nearly 200,000 open roles expected in the next few years. They are joined by Lenny Diaddario from Copeland's contractor services department and Chris Harris from the educational nonprofit National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3).

Lenny and Chris explain the various initiatives Copeland and NC3 have undertaken to help attract more people to the HVACR trades. This includes STEM education outreach to get kids interested from an early age, partnerships with organizations like SkillsUSA and PHCC, virtual reality training tools that allow interactive compressor teardowns, and comprehensive certification curricula developed in collaboration with subject matter experts and instructors.

One major program they highlight is the "train the trainer" events where instructors from trade schools can get certified on the Copeland curriculum over an intensive week. They then take that knowledge back to their schools to teach and certify students as Copeland technicians. The goal is to build a strong foundational workforce of certified HVACR professionals.

Topics covered include:

  • The severe shortage of HVACR technicians and the need to fill roles
  • Changing the stigma around vocational education and trade schools
  • Appeal of trades to younger generations for self-reliance
  • Copeland's initiatives like STEM days, SkillsUSA, virtual reality trainers
  • NC3's certification curricula and "train the trainer" instructor events
  • Copeland's online/mobile training resources like apps and AI assistant
  • In-person training courses offered ranging from 1 day to multi-day
  • The long-term vision for socioeconomic impact through a skilled trades workforce


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