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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Dec 12, 2019

Ty Branaman from NTI comes on the podcast to share his passion for teaching. He also discusses his approach to impactful HVAC/R instruction.

It can be difficult for instructors to create an appropriate balance between teaching theory and practical knowledge. Students and trainees need to have technical skills in the field, but they also need a solid foundation. Impactful HVAC/R instruction requires a balance of the nerdy stuff and physical skills; good instructors put the theoretical parts simply and give students the opportunity to apply theory to hands-on skills.

Engagement is another important part of HVAC/R education. If students are sitting down for 15 minutes, that's too long; the students need to be moving and active with the learning material to stay engaged and help the topics stick. Ty emphasizes the importance of spending time in the lab instead of staying in the classroom the entire time.

Unfortunately, many trade schools nowadays don't prepare students for fieldwork because there is not enough emphasis on working with equipment in education programs. The best teachers are those who love teaching AND working in the field, and trade schools need more people who are passionate about BOTH. Passionate technicians need to get involved in education by offering to be a substitute or guest speaker or by joining an education advisory board.

Ty and Bryan also discuss:

  • Teaching the refrigeration cycle
  • What the current generation values and needs in education
  • Dealing with distractions in the classroom
  • Using mobile apps to supplement learning
  • Teaching newbies effectively
  • Creating an HVAC/R instruction program on a budget
  • Old equipment
  • Getting involved in education
  • How to guide young people in their careers
  • "Thinking outside the box"

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