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HVAC School - For Techs, By Techs

Apr 27, 2023

Eugene Silberstein from ESCO Group returns to the podcast to discuss why and how to create an internal training program for your HVAC/R company.

HVAC/R has so many niches, and information and practices are always evolving, so lifelong learning is necessary for the industry. In-house training is a form of education that...

Apr 25, 2023

In this short podcast, Bryan talks about the times when subcooling is meaningless. It is important to understand subcooling fully before using it as a charging or diagnostic method, particularly in refrigeration systems.

When we need to charge TXV systems in residential HVAC, many technicians rely on subcooling to set...

Apr 20, 2023

Craig M (AC Service Tech) returns to the podcast to talk about solving work-life imbalance, especially for HVAC/R technicians who have children and families of their own.

Our actions tend to be driven by our priorities, which vary at different stages of our lives. Someone's work-life balance could also vary depending on...

Apr 18, 2023

In this short podcast, Bryan explains how rules of thumb (ROT) can cause duct issues. He talks about the role of friction rate in duct design as well as its intent and limitations.

Friction rate is a value located on duct calculation tools, including Ductulators. We use friction rate to predict the operating static...

Apr 13, 2023

Craig Migliaccio (AC Service Tech) returns to the podcast to talk about what it means to have the heart of a teacher.

Craig discovered his passion for teaching while instructing apprentices on the job, and he went into institutionalized teaching from there. He chose to overcome several administrative obstacles to become...